Due North Movement


Our story,
Our mission

What we do

We are here to help organizations, teams, and individuals to profit from positive change.

Who we are

We are a team of coaches, consultants, mentors, speakers, content creators, trainers here to guide you to on this journey.

Why now

In this period of great uncertainty we are exploring new ways to navigate the problems that our society is facing.

We create organizations which provide direction towards a better future.


Get transformation going

Our organisations aim to help individuals, teams and organisations to grow what is needed. We believe that we should develop new perspectives on our current reality, redefine what is valuable and allow ourselves to generate new options to imagine and (re)build a society that is future proof. Based on a solid approach towards change.

Due North Consulting

Helps organizations to solve complex transformation goals with a program tailormade programs.

Due North Ventures

Helps social entrepeneurs with taking the right decisions to achieve their (world changing) ambitions.

Due North Coaching

Helps individuals to navigate the challenges of their professional lives.

we use our voice

Creating perspectives

We are vocal about our ideas on change and transformation, on leadership, on the lenses we apply to define value and how small changes can be the fuel for system change as we build up momentum.








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our team

Dedicated to transformation

We are all contribute in our own way to the movement. We have a role as entrepeneur, coach, consultant, mentor, speaker, content creator, trainer or educator. We share a similar believe : the need to learn to profit from positive growth.

Daan Noordeloos

Entrepreneur / Speaker / Content creator / Consultant / Educator

How can you reduce complexity without oversimplyfying the problem.

Niki van Wijk

Entrepreneur / Speaker / Content creator / Consultant / Business coach / Educator

There are many solutions to any challenge if you are prepared to look.

Leontine van Laarhoven

Entrepreneur / Consultant / Coach / Trainer / Educator

What makes people tick and how can they use their potential for change.


Let’s talk

We are always open to having conversations about how we can help each other to generate value and build better business.

You can reach us via our profiles on Linkedin.